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Tennant Life Benefits offers a unique and personal service in nurturing and maximising its clients’ wealth, employee benefits and human resources. We achieve this through our committment to professionalism, our multi-disciplined personnel, and our application of cutting-edge technology.

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What We Offer

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Retirement Funding

We are passionate about the concept of making a positive difference for the three role players involved in Retirement Funds. Our bespoke IT systems are designed to ensure that our philosophy of the distribution of accurate and meaningful information is achieved.


Medical aid intermediaries advise on plan choice according to personal circumstances and affordability. Services Provided As Medical Scheme Intermediaries. Experience in dealing with both individual members and corporate groups like UPS South Africa, Bridge Shipping, Finlar Foods and Jones & Wagener Civil Consultants.

Individual Financial Plans

Our advisors are Certified Financial Planners and make use of Financial Planning Software to assist in putting together a financial programme for you. Risk cover is the protection against loss of life, disability or suffering from a dread disease. Tennant aims to satisfy your personal goals through the carful management of your finances.

Retirement Fund Administration

Tennant Administration Services are a 13b registered administration company, established over 24 years ago. An array of Funds, with membership in excess of 14000 members, managed by a staff compliment proficient in Fund Administration, all of whom have received a qualification in retirement Funding, and with an average of 7 years industry experience each. We boast a powerfully, fully integrated administration and accounting system which ensures our ability to submit Fund Audited Financial Statements continuously within the prescribed deadline.

Imbasa Yegolide Awards of 2015 & 2016

We are greatly honoured to be one of the nominees in the Imbasa Yegolide Awards of 2015 as best consultant as well as 2016 as best consultant and Administration.
At Tennant we strongly believe in providing consistently good service to our Trustees and members,
and this nomination has highlighted these efforts, and motivated us to continue this level of service to all existing and new clients.
The Imbasa Yegolide Awards acknowledge companies for professional excellence in the retirement fund industry, and is a sought after achievement in the industry.
Thank you for the support you have shown us in the past 26 years, and continued support going forward.

Our Team

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tennant director

Mr. Stephen Tennant CFP®

The 1980’s saw the birth of the Personal computer and Bill Gates giving a keynote speech on “Information at your fingertips”. The SA Retirement Fund Industry, like so many others at the time, were reliant on old fashioned systems and struggled to embrace the concepts of the information rich age that was to come. In 1990 I saw the need in the industry, for a nimble company which provided superior technology, service and communication and so Tennant Life Benefits was formed.

From the outset we held onto traditional values,which could be enshrined in modern systems that provided clients with rapid access to information and complete transparency. Financial services and advice is not as complicated as people think. We set out to make the many financial concepts as simple as possible for all to understand. Consistency in thought and advice achieves this.

As an independent consulting company, with international reach, Tennant Life Benefits are able to place business with a large selection of service providers with whom we have fostered excellent relationships. This allows us to match our client’s needs with the best possible solutions.

No business can be successful without a team of incredible, highly skilled employees. Tennant Life Benefits has been extraordinarily fortunate in having a longstanding professional team who have bought into the values of our company – complexity made simple and service above all else. We all love what we do! 



Service Providers

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