Imbasa Yegolide Awards 2016 & 2017

We are greatly honoured to be one of the nominees in the Imbasa Yegolide Awards of 2016 as best Fund Administrators/Retirement fund administrators. Retirement fund administrators  At Tennant administration ,we strongly believe in providing consistently good service to our members and trustees, and this nomination has highlighted these efforts and motivated us to uphold our level of fund administration services to our clients. The Imbasa Yegolide Awards acknowledge companies for professional excellence in the retirement fund industry, and is a sought after achievement in being nominated as best Retirement fund administrators. Thank you for the support you have shown us in the past 26 years, and continued support going forward.

Fund Administration

Tennant Administration Services is a registered retirement fund administration company in terms of section 13b of the Pension Fund Act.  Our company was established in 1990 and has consistently provided our clients with excellent service.

We provide administration services to retirement Funds ranging in size from 1 member to nearly 50 000 members.  Our staff consist of highly trained and motivated fund administrators and fund accountants who have vast experience and receive both formal and informal training to ensure we deliver on our promises.

We boast a powerful, fully integrated administration and accounting system which ensures our ability to submit audited financial statements consistently within the prescribed deadline.  This system has been developed by our in house software team.  Our systems are used extensively in Africa – One such client utilises our software to administer more than 450 000 members.

We are passionate Retirement Fund Administrators!

What Services do we offer?

Investments Administration

•Ensuring that the trustees’ mandates, policies and instructions are adhered to.

•Tracking information for the Reserve bank and the Financial Services board for Regulation 28



•Importance of correct and accurate information with regards to all funds including retirement fund administration , Pension fund Administration, Provident fund administration , and Investments Administration.

•Service level agreement deadlines

•Communication with HR’s and members to ensure that all parties know of the progress of payment

•Expertise and experience with SARS

•Integrated system that flows from the active member to when he/she leaves the fund

Payments of Benefits

•Direct link to banking records with regards to all funds including pension funds , retirement funds etc…

•As Retirement fund administrators we have access to bank verification with the bank which allows for accurate payments of benefits

Financial Records

•Accurate and reliable history of a pension fund is recorded.

•Fully integrated accounting system

•Excellent submission track record

•Paperless environment where everything is electronically supplied

Monthly Asset and Liability Matching

Ensure assets and liabilities match on a monthly basis

Home loans

Opportunity for members to invest in their homes

•Paperwork needs to be accurate and truthful

•Funds are registered with the National Credit Regulator


As top Retirement fund administrators we make use of  technology to communicate with members, be it email, cell phones, internet, conference group calling .

•Regular and essential communication in the form of reporting, reminders, progress and in terms of legislation for administrators and retirement fund administrators.

•Regular communication with members in terms of benefit statements, fund booklets and legislated updates.

Downloadable Forms 

New Entrant Application Form (PDF) - click here to download

Annexure-A Homeloan Form (PDF) - click here to download

Beneficiary Nomination Form (PDF) - click here to download

Non-Member-Spouse-Instruction Form (PDF) - click here to download

Recognition-of-Transfer Form (PDF) - click here to download

Affordability Calculation Form (PDF) - click here to download

Termination of Service Form (PDF) - click here to download

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